SVEVIND contracts ILF Consulting Engineers

15. December 2021

Cooperation with ILF and ROLAND BERGER for the “Concept Design Study” for the 20 GW green hydrogen facility in Mangystau region, Western Kazakhstan

SVEVIND contracts ILF Consulting Engineers in cooperation with ROLAND BERGER for the “Concept Design Study” for the 20 GW green hydrogen facility in Mangystau region, Western Kazakhstan

On December 14th, SVEVIND Energy GmbH, part of SVEVIND group of companies, signed a contract with ILF Consulting Engineers in cooperation with ROLAND BERGER to procure the “Concept Design Study” for its 20 GW, 2 million tons per year green hydrogen facility in Mangystau region, Western Kazakhstan.

In the Mangystau region, SVEVIND plans the realisation of a 30 GW wind and solar PV farm powering a 20 GW water electrolysis industrial complex to produce about 2 million tons of green hydrogen per year from 2030, which can be transformed into approx. 11 million tons of green ammonia to supply the Eurasian markets and Kazakh domestic demand. The development of the Concept Design is a further important step in project development. Earlier, pre-feasibility studies were undertaken to assess the commercial, technological and strategic viability of the project. The pre-feasibility studies identified the Mangystau region as one of the most favourable project host regions in Kazakhstan, given the investment environment, an abundance of renewable energy resources and the proximity to water resources required for the electrolysis process.

SVEVIND´s green hydrogen projects will support actions towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, recently reaffirmed at the COP26 conference in Glasgow. On November 26th 2021, SVEVIND and the Kazakh government signed the “Framework Agreement on the Basic Principles of Project Implementation”, outlining the principles of implementing SVEVIND`s green hydrogen projects in the Mangystau region. At this meeting, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr. Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, highly appreciated the progress in the work on the projects launched by SVEVIND and noted their strategic importance for Kazakhstan.

Mr. Wolfgang Kropp, CEO of SVEVIND group, said: “This Concept Design Study will be the first milestone in engineering the Mangystau green hydrogen project, a project unprecedented in scope, size and complexity aiming to deliver large amounts of green hydrogen and ammonia to Eurasian markets at competitive costs. We are glad to cooperate with ILF Consulting Engineers and ROLAND BERGER for this Concept Design, well reputable, very experienced consultants with broad knowledge in energy, hydrogen projects and about the region.

Dr. Michel Kneller, Director of Hydrogen at ILF, highlighted: “ILF is excited to be part of such a ground-breaking project. We truly believe that hydrogen and its green derivatives are an important component of a sustainable energy policy and SVEVIND´s green hydrogen projects are an important milestone towards the scaling up of green hydrogen projects.

The “Concept Design Study” is aimed to advance SVEVIND’s planning across the whole value chain. Using the existing pre-feasibility studies results, a solid cost evaluation will be developed. Different technology routes will be explored to identify and pre-design the most promising options for the local conditions and project-specific demands. Finally, special attention is given to the transport options towards the destination markets in Kazakhstan, Europe, and China. The study completion mid-2022 will be an important milestone and the base for the following detailed engineering of all facilities of the project and provide a clear path towards project realisation and the investment decision.

In 2021, SVEVIND signed a memorandum of understanding with Kazakh Invest National Company JSC confirming its support for SVEVIND’s overall Kazakh project pipeline of 30 GW of green hydrogen projects in Kazakhstan fed by about 45 GW of renewable energy capacity. In July 2021, SVEVIND signed a memorandum of understanding with the county administration of the Mangystau region to support SVEVIND’s project pipeline of 20 GW of green hydrogen projects in the Mangystau region in Western Kazakhstan. On October 8th, the Kazakh government and SVEVIND signed the “Roadmap” to develop and implement the beforementioned green hydrogen projects in the Mangystau region.

The ILF Group is an international engineering and consulting firm that helps its clients to successfully execute technically demanding industrial and infrastructure projects. For over 20 years, hydrogen-related projects have been part of ILF’s project portfolio, as they have been part of ILF’s pipeline, refinery and petrochemical business. The combination with ILF’s proven experience in the planning, design and execution of projects related to renewable energy enables ILF to provide its clients with engineering expertise covering the entire hydrogen value chain and offering solutions for a large spectrum of hydrogen-related projects.

ROLAND BERGER is the only management consultancy of European heritage with a strong international footprint. As an independent firm, solely owned by our Partners, it operates 50 offices in all major markets. 2400+ employees offer a unique combination of an analytical approach and an empathic attitude. Driven by the values of entrepreneurship, excellence and empathy, all at ROLAND BERGER are convinced that the world needs a new sustainable paradigm that takes the entire value cycle into account and enables us to meet the profound challenges of today and tomorrow.

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