Hyrasia One signs agreement with Semurg Invest

25. October 2023

Brussels, Aktau | During the Global Gateway Forum taking place in Brussels, Hyrasia One and Semurg Invest, owner and operator of the Sarzha Multifunctional Marine Terminal (Sarzha MMT) at Port Kuryk, Mangystau Region of Kazakhstan, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) to ship Green Hydrogen and Ammonia through Port Kuryk.

By concluding the MoC, both parties have committed to working closely together in order to connect the green hydrogen and ammonia project Hyrasia One to Sarzha MMT at Port Kuryk as well as to establish a new logistics focal point at the Global Gateway route in the Caspian Sea region. Envisaged from 2032, up to 2 million tons of green hydrogen or 11 million tons of green ammonia is to be shipped from the Mangystau region in south-western Kazakhstan to international markets. Pursuant to the MoC, both companies plan to extend and operate Port Kuryk as the main terminal for the storage, transport and exportation of Hyrasia One’s trading goods along the Caspian Sea route.

The signing by Wolfgang Kropp, CEO of Hyrasia One and Madina Anet, Business Development Director of Semurg Invest, was attended by Margulan Baimukhan, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Kingdom of Belgium and Marat Karabayev, the Minister of Transport of the Republic of Kazahstan.

“This agreement allows us to develop the transportation capacities and worldwide shipping possibilities further. For Europe in particular, the TransCaspian route is of highest importance. The route has been proven by Deutsche Bahn engineering and consulting to be able to allow transport of the full amount of up to 11 million tons annually from Hyrasia One’s location to the EU” noted Wolfgang Kropp. Other transport routes by train or a combined rail/ship are also feasible and under further review. In order to reach other potential markets, towards Asia, the Middle East and others, the establishment of Port Kuryk as a global hydrogen terminal is also enormously important, Kropp said.

To implement the MoC, the port infrastructure must include adequate capacity for transshipment of up to 11 million tons of ammonia per year. In this regard, Semurg Invest plans to build a dedicated terminal in Port Kuryk.

“We strongly believe that this cooperation agreement is a major step towards strengthening Kuryk Port’s growth potential, and Semurg Invest is excited to introduce a new terminal project to Sarzha MMT portfolio. Together with Hyrasia One project, Semurg Invest’s first green hydrogen/ammonia export terminal in the Caspian Sea and along the Transcapian route will play one of the key roles in this value-chain putting Kazakhstan on the map of world-scale green projects.” said Madina Anet, Business Development Director of Semurg Invest.

Hyrasia One together with Deutsche Bahn AG already completed an analysis of possible routes for exporting products to Europe and Asia. Experts have labelled the TransCaspian route to Europe, through the ports in Kazakhstan (Kuryk), Azerbaijan and Georgia, as one of the most promising. Its total length will be over 8,700 km, and the delivery speed will be 25 days.

About Semurg Invest

«SEMURG INVEST» LLP is a group of companies managing, developing and investing in infrastructure and other projects in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

SEMURG INVEST is the developer and owner of the Multifunctional Marine Terminal Sarzha project (“Sarzha MMT”), which is located on the coast of the Caspian Sea, 70m km from Aktau city west of Kuryk village in Mangistau region. The port has direct access to the national rail and road infrastructure. Sarzha MMT includes several terminals at various stages of project development, including universal, general cargo and grain terminals, transport and logistics center, liquid bulk terminal and fabrication yard. Sarzha MMT has accepted its first cargo in September and the first transshipment from the general cargo terminal to the Port of Baku in Azerbaijan along the Transcaspian International Transport Route is planned by the end of October.

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